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  1. Further to screen capture in mov. mov contains H.264 HD video, if you have only Windows Media Player, you will need VLC Player ( Free ) or similar. VLC is very capable with many features, including a recording option for the video playing. Viddy
  2. What format do you use to make your recording? I use mov or avi, mov as a preference. I copy from a 24" HD monitor and the quality is excellent. wmv you will find is disapointing. I also use Debut to make HD recordings of Power Point slide shows, again using mov. I use a Media Player to play these through an HD TV, with quality every bit as good as the original. Viddy
  3. Rata

    Techhical Support

    Further work has shown that each time the program is opened, go to Options > hot-keys > Box for System wide hot-keys > uncheck > recheck > Click OK. Then you can be sure that they will work. Viddy
  4. Rata

    Techhical Support

    NCH software does not offer user friendly support. A question asked when contacting Support,is have you viewed the User Forum? A view of the Forum shows a number of questions, most with varying numbers of views, but very few with replies and none that appear to have come from a technician. NCH have only limited information available in Help, and no YouTube tutorials for example. My Debut program, five months old, had so many features that didn't work, and bugs, it was necessary to purchase an Upgrade with a total of 84 fixes not all of which have worked. My point is that
  5. Rata

    Hot Keys

    How do you enable a Record Hot Key? I have had no success with either F5 from File, or entering F4 as a Record Hot Key in the Option box. A Record Hot Key would be especially useful if it could be used when Debut was mininmised to the tray, so avoiding cursor operation from the recording. Hot Key function is listed but information is sparse indeed. Viddy
  6. Rata


    Debut is sold with a three month period for free updates. When one examines the recent updates No.s 162 and 163 for example, it is apparent that the software is sold with far too many features that do not operate correctly and require fixes. My version, five months old, required one free update and recently the latest paid update, to bring it up to what I consider an acceptable level of performance. It does seem that we, the users, are testing a Beta version of a program and are then being charged for the problems we find to be repaired. When the price of the updates is added to the pur
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