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  1. Thanks so much for your response. I built another web page, transferring it to my ISP with Classic FTP. I then went to my personal web space, the new web page came up perfectly, even though the empty folder was still there, seems not to affect my web space. Classic FTP just won't let me delete this empty folder. Then, without any problem, I was able to delete this new web page with Classic FTP. Just can't delete that one empty folder. Perhaps it is a bug, I anticipate the solution. Thanks again, Ken.
  2. I am using Classic FTP on Mac Tiger 10.4.11, Firefox. While experimenting with uploading folders/files to my personal webspace at my ISP (Bell Sympatico), I try to delete those same folders/files from the right window in Classic FTP, they all delete except for one folder where I get the error message that Classic FTP cannot delete this particular folder. There is nothing in this folder, I think I tried to rename it, nothing worked. After an hour on the phone with my ISP tech support (they even took control of my computer with Logmein) they were unable to delete the folder. I even let them play with Classic FTP, no success. How can I delete this folder from the right window aka my personal webspace? I am not of the computer generation, not much of a techie, so please make your reply easy to follow. Thanks, Ken.
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