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  1. I have found that for some reason mac mail has not been sending pdf or jpg files. I have installed microsoft mail and uninstalled mail but Express Invoice keeps trying to launch Mac mail when I send an invoice. Please advise. Thanks
  2. I often send the same contents when sending a quote / invoice, would just need to add the clients name and some slight adjustments. A. Is it possible to have a template automatically set up that I can edit B. Can I stall stop the email from sending when it reaches my email program (mac mail) so I can apply templates there Thanks
  3. I can't seem to paste info into most of the fields. Strange that it allows to paste into some though. I receive clients info via email and need to ensure the info is transferred exactly as it is received. The quickest and most accurate would be to paste them into the fields. Is it just me or is there something I can do?
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