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  1. There is a mysterious limitation about the size of the Public and Private notes. Invoices can be saved only as draft nd not recorded when this limit is reached. This does not make sense when comments are needed for example for many items in an invoice and is very annoying. Anyone knows how to save long public or private notes in an invoice? Tx to all of you.
  2. Still the same problem in 3.29. I opened and re-saved the jpg logo file with Adobe Photoshop Elements and that did the trick. Lucky me. Weird EI does not complain. Weird this is not yet fixed... Pity I did not read this forum earlier... Tx, Terry!
  3. I created and sent an invoice to a customer, then I realized the invoice was not appropriate, and simply would like to cancel it. I don't want to delete it, since I'd like to keep track of my mistake. I'd like simply to make it void. Removing all items does not help as EI refused to zero the invoiced amount... My workaround was to create a fake item of 0,01€ (!) add it to the invoice and create afake payment of 0,01€. Not very neat. Adding a "state flag" to the invoice would solve it I believe. Something like: PAID/VOID/etc Any idea?
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