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  1. This function is easy - you just use softphone like expresstalk.Pickup the line ,hit transfer and put in the number in softphone. Number can be another extension or any outside number. It will work and it does work, I've done it myself.(you just need 2 channels for your sip) If you have specific problem with set up i can help you. As far as Axon pbx I can tell you this: I spent 2 months trying to set it up and it was furiously frustrating.Equally hopeless were my requests for help from sip providers. Everybody protects their "expertise", releasing only small bits of information to make you enough hungry to reach for your pocket. But now, without much help and being telephony illiterate I have a telephone system comprising of Axon pbx, expressTalk softphone and Automatic call attendant from Axon. May have cost me around $350 or 400 but it works. I have 1 tel. number (in US), 1 sip number and 2 channels. I spend ~ 25 to 30 dollars monthly and I have 5 people connected to one company number, 2 are in US and 3 are in 3 different countries in Europe, plus myself. We are on 24/7 call service and so far (4 months now) have not had any problems.And it is cheap. I have purchased really good quality voip phone now and I can hear my clients chairs squeaking as we talk so clear is the reception. You will hit some potholes on the way but if you have small business and want to be in control of your phone system it is (I think) the way to go. I am far from recommending Axon and making sales pitches for them; I think the way the have technical support setup and the whole concept of promoting their system is naive. Unfortunately, the digits behind software are ok and the principal involved is sound. As long as it works I will keep it. GLuck
  2. Briefly, I have ExpressTalk set up with Axon PBX. On my PBX I have setup dialing rules (outgoing): If number starts with "0" remove 1 digit and it rings on Extension 101. Extension 101 is configured with ExpressTalk. Under External lines I have 2. First one is my actual voip number 123444.....In submenu i have checked "other device will contact us.." Deive login=my voip number, password is my login web password. Incoming calls ring on extension 101. The second line is called "default" and it is my actual sip number; submenu checked " use gateway server..(here goes my sip number and my sip password from voip provider)" Incoming calls ring on extension 101. NOW my extensions were already provisioned (assigned login and passwords) Extension 101 has "Action if no answer or busy.," radio button checked where it says "transfer call to.." Here I put 033(33 is country code)and my cell phone number. Outbound dialing plan is set to "default" Allow call to ring I have at 14 sec. Call comes in to my sip tel. number (in the US)gets transferred thru Axon to extension 101, rings for 14 seconds; I can pick it up. If not, it gets transferred to my cell ph in France. Make sure you have 2 channels on your sip - one to receive one to send. Hope it helps -make it logically and slow it'll work.GLuck
  3. Call Transfer Problem Solved Problem was on my side; I had sip number ID that started with a "9" and dialing rules to truncate prefix 9 when dialing out. It was that simple. It took two months to solve it. I still have tons of complaints to User Manual - confusing, at best. Technical Service at NCH is, in my opinion, not worth what little price they charge for it. Now I am getting into installing IVM (by NCH). Will keep you posted...
  4. Call Forwarding in Axon PBX is NOT Possible Further to my above post, almost 2 months ago, I've tried to contact NCH Support trying to resolve call transfer feature in PBX. I've received a reply asking me to install supplementary program so they can get in to my computer to see why call transferring doesn't work. I've supplied all the passwords, my sip number and gave them permission to log in to my computer. Not a word from NCH Support since. Nada. Inquiries go unanswered. I suspect call transfer really doesn't work in Axon PBX. Contrary to all the sales pitches NCH makes. Just to let everybody know if they come across similar problem.
  5. Can anybody help me with call transfer feature to an outside telephone number in Axon Pbx? I have tried to use this feature in Extensions interface, as advertised in user manual. It will transfer the call to another extension, voice mail, auto attendant etc but IT WILL NOT transfer to an outside number. Transfer is sip based, using default dial plan with enough channels; I would use all possible configurations with prefixes, different phone numbers, with no effect; message 403, access forbidden, comes back. I've checked with sip gateway only to be told that pbx doesn't know what to do with the call. I have tried Express Talk soft phone and the feature works but I need to use manual transfer button. I have tried NCH Technical Support but to no avail; three requests and three send offs to...User Manual. Can someone help me with this?
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