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  1. Yes, I think AXON only send username on outbound, so it drops the call 404 when you use Vonage for outbound. I use Callcentric, broadvoice, and even voipbuster voipstunt gizmo without any problems. and besides Vonage is highly expensive!
  2. Hello, anyone know how to backup AXON configuration?
  3. Hello, where did you purchase your ZYXEL? Is that a BROADVOICE unlocked unit? Or a factory Zyxel. We sell lots of P2000W, although I have not personally installed a unit with AXON. What was the problem on registration?
  4. If you intend to call the US, I can give you access to our AXON pbx. What VoIP devices do you have there?
  5. Hello, we installed FX-300 GSM Gateway that works seamlessly with VoIP Handytones or Linksys SPA-2000, and of course with AXON. Check out www.citivoip.com
  6. Hello, I paid for the bundle IVM Professional with Quorom last September 27, and realized that the IVM Professional is limited to 3 line users only. I needed to upgrade to IVM Enterprise. Does anyone know a link where I can buy the UPGRADE to IVM Enterprise. The upgrade link provided by NCH does not show upgrade prices but are instead REGULAR prices. Upgrades are supposed to be priced lower?
  7. Hello Adams, I have UPLINK and AXON and SkyPe registered well. But like what you are experiencing, I was able to ring my cell phone, my home phone, and even to another Skpye user. But then after the ring (about 5 seconds) it disconnects. The Uplink log reports (like what you have) "Call Failed: User may not be online or the number you dialed does not exist" The AXON actually reported: 487 Request Terminated I tried this is several ATA, including a PAP2, GXP-2000, HT-487. datu503
  8. Hello, are you able to get this to work yet? I am having exactly the same problems.
  9. you need to add the "+" to have skype dial outbound
  10. Hello, I got the same problem with my SKYPE ULINK. On Vonage and Broadvoice, I get "488 Not Acceptable Here" Any Idea?
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