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  1. IVM can do all that.
  2. In re installing our IVM program, (ver. 5.01) I'm wondering how to set up an announcement only option for our callers that does not include a mailbox. Thanks! -Paul
  3. I'm resetting up our IVM system (version 5.01). I find that after doing the initial Wizard setup, I now need to add an additional mailbox. Adding the mailbox is easy enough, but I have no idea HOW to assign a number for callers to press in order to leave a message to this new mailbox. Can someone help? -Paul
  4. Is there ANY anyone has found to play the WAV files saved by IVM so they can play on an Android phone? Or, does anyone know of an app for Android that will pplay the files? We've been using IVM for a couple years now, but have not found a way to get the files to play when they are emailed to our personal email address. Instead we have to get into our email accounts on a laptop or other computer in order to hear them. HELP! P.S. If anyone from IVM is reading this, WHY CAN'T THE PROGRAM SAVE RECORDED MESSAGES IN MP3 format????
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