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  1. How do you mean 'Create a Time Lapse'? What is this lapse suppost to do?
  2. Gratz mate. You're the first person to call me by my codename, only three days after I registered too. What is this madness? D:

  3. Well, similar to what I do, you and anyone else who is dissapointed or otherwise emotionally stunted should all make a suggestion to the developers. I do this every time I'm prompted as well as when I feel the need to add a second suggestion for the software. I've said it before, if a significant number of people ask; a significant number more shall receive. Assuming that those who ask for better quality arn't the only ones benefitting from it.
  4. Shits and giggles mate, shits and giggles.

  5. Hey rob53, do you record in fullscreen? If you record a window then it will naturally be in lower quality when you increase the resolution and watch it on a larger scale. If you are recording in fullscreen and experiancing low quality fullscreen playback, then that's a problem on Debut's end. As user friendly as the program is, it lacks quality in a few places.
  6. The 'Highlight Cursor' feature isn't to let you know that you are recording, it's for IT educational purposes during tutorials and such. I'm sure it has other benifets too. For anyone else who hasn't a clue what he's talking about. The 'Options>Record>Highlight Cursor' is the function he was ignorant of.
  7. TRPerson


    As of the 1.61 vertion of Debut there isn't a hotkey for minamising the program. You can however, make a hotkey for your snapshots and keep Debut minamised. As for your problem however, have you tried just taking a normal PrtScrn (Print Screen)? Should do the trick. Just chop of the image later for your needs.
  8. Erii, if you're trying to record your games n fullscreen using a hotkey to start recording, then you and I are having the same problem. I've yet to fix it, due to only recently encountering the problem. I'm also disuaded to solve this because I know that Debut doesn't do my games justice in terms of quality. However, in another thread there is talk about how games are run in an overlay which isn't detected by Debut and some such. http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=14618 If you find a solution to this problem and can post it, or if anyone else can assist in a more effective manner I'd love to hear it.
  9. The best thing I can think of is to set the destination folder to somewhere on your computer, then making a /run command upload all your video files periodically. How to go about this? I have no idea, but the option in on the table.
  10. Pezuis, he might be trying to record something from a media player. Or a game in a window. Bruce, this is one of those unfathomable problems that no one can help fix unless another person has personally seen *and fixed* themselves. A screenshot would be handy, but non-the-less it wont be much help. I'd like to see what kind of inconveniance you're going through though.
  11. Rob54, if you click on the 'Options' icon in the Debut window, you'll see a pop-up window with plenty of tabs. Select the 'Record' tab then enable 'Minamise Debut window before starting screen capture'. Using this in conjunction with a hotkey for videogames is a flawless solution. Otherwise, either of these will suit your needs.
  12. Hey Brett, lets say that you are trying to record the youtube media player for whatever reason. When you use the rectangle to select the player, you should should see what you've selected despite size live in the debut window. It's a no-brainer. Otherwise, there is something wrong with your computer/program.
  13. TRPerson

    Mouse Cursor

    Alright kids, listen up... In the Debut window, near the top there is a 'Options' icon. Click it. Make sure you are in the 'Record' tab. The very last option is 'Highlight Cursor'. Uncheck this. I genuinly hope that you have dislexia or something, and not lazyness, that caused you to not find this option.
  14. ...does this problem exsist on the trail version? If so, then your problem is that you've run out of trail time. Otherwise, mac was a stupid idea to begin with. Get a proper computer.
  15. Ok, I read this six times. I couldn't understand anything below your hardware description. How do you mean 'the side mouse icon is statically stayed alone'? How do you mean 'left mouse button down constantly on its image within preview screen'? The gist of what you are saying though, is that Debut doesn't conprehend what your wireless mouse is actually doing. Aside from the excruciating pain I went through to translate this question, I cannot assist in any way. I've never had this problem and I havn't any half-assed ideas on how to fix it. I hope someone else has the know-how to assist you.
  16. TRPerson

    DVD format

    Ok bud, her's what you do; Record whatever it is you want, in any file format. Open it in Videopad Video Editor, do what you want with it, then 'Save Movie'. You can then save your clip to all sorts of devices, including to a DVD. I've never exercised this option but it's all there, black and white, clear as crystal. Enjoy your easy fix. Also, the paid version of almost all NCH products just clarify said programs as 'Yours'. Otherwise you have a trail period before being denied use of the program.
  17. 1: I totally aprove of Output file name managing. Dates, Autonumbers, even the 'Limit maximum recording time' options could use a numbering feature when you are using the 'Create new recording and continue' option. This could be handy. +1 2: You seem to want to edit your recordings in the mix. That kinda stuff only happens in techy TV newsrooms and when beatboxers use a soundstation. It would be more sensible to just record what you want in one big blow, then edit it with all your negitive/BnW/whatever later with another program. 3: Multiple recordings sounds like the way to go, but then again I have no idea what end you are trying to acheive with so much sporiadic alterations. I was reading a post earlier that someone was trying to use Debut to record from multiple cameras for the sake of home security. Unlike your question, they didn't want to just switch from camera to camera, they wanted all of them. Again, I don't know why you want to switch about like this. But it's a good idea for say, livestreaming. Ps. If two or three suggestions are made for something, the developers will look at it and go 'Hmm, ok. Could be usefull but isn't going to benifet us very much' If one THOUSAND suggestions are made, the developers go 'Holy! This is really popular, we should do this and get some good reputation with our consumers!' The moral of this story is; if you want to suggest something, bloody give it to them.
  18. *Que obvious one liner response* Why not just keep the Debutsetup.exe on your USB? That's what I've done with all my installs.
  19. I'm no computer guru, but a few simple ideas would be to uninstall Debut. Then delete all the files from the trail version and registers version. I did this upon buying Debut as a force of habit, so maybe thats why I bypassed whatever problem you are having. Alternativly, try installing Debut into a different location on your computer. If both versions are in the same folder then who knows what shenanigens commence when you try to run it. The former suggestion would be better, but I hope either option works for both/all of you.
  20. Yeah mate, you are missing the big 'Options' icon on the topmost part of the Debut window. It has a picture of a Spanner and Screwdriver. Click this then make sure you are in the 'Devices' tab of the following popup window. If you look down, you should find some audio options regarding wether or not you want to record sound and where you want to record from.
  21. Not that I've tested this, but if you scheduled a recording every ten hours then you should be allright then. Set up a schedule with a nine and a half hour endpoint, then rinse and repeat. A lame runaround for this problem but I assume there is a reason for it. *I give the developers some credit :3* Enjoy your fix! EDIT: In the Debut window, up top, the 'Options' icon. Click. Select the 'Record' tab. Tick the 'Limit Maximum Recording Time' option. Set it to whatever, and select 'Create new recording and continue' Found this about 6 minutes after posting. Iamsogood...
  22. I wouldn't know any .mp4 repair programs off hand, but this has inspired me to suggest to the devolopers to cut up Debut recordings. Similar to fraps. Drop some options in the mix to change the when it automatically cuts your recording, file name prefixes and the core option to disable record splitting. Ohjeez, this could work! As for your problem; if google isn't helping you then the chances are that any solution probably doesn't want to be found. Or doesn't exsist. EDIT: In the Debut window, up top, the 'Options' icon. Click. Select the 'Record' tab. Tick the 'Limit Maximum Recording Time' option. Set it to whatever, and select 'Create new recording and continue' Found this about 6 minutes after posting. Iamsogood...
  23. Hypothetically, lets say you are trying to record something off youtube or your media player. Could you not just select the browser or player with the 'Rectangle Capture' option? Resize and relocate the rectangle so it fits on top of whatever video you are trying to dupe, then start recording. Play your video and baym, you 'should' have just nabbed yourself a free song off youtube! Or something, I don't know. If you don't know how to do this; when you run Debut there should be a 'Capture Snapshot blablabla' icon with a little photo camera. Above that, four more icons. The one of the right lets you change what part of the screen you record. From there, doubleclick on any window you want to zone in on. Or manually resize it. Hope this helps, and that I'm not missing some flaw that prevents recording youtubes and the like :/
  24. TRPerson


    You could make a recording hotkey and manually set it off when you need it. I do this when recording ingame. Better yet, why not just begin recording pre-emptivly and just edit out the starting scrap? Is rediculously easy and precise with the VideoPad Editor.
  25. is flying high.

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