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  1. Does anyone know if it possible to harvest the sound alone from a miniDV camcorder recording? When my video editing software (Pinnacle Studio 9) captures from the camera to the computer using the "DVD full quality" setting, the resulting file is an avi file. So presumably I want software that will strip the soundtrack out of the avi file (although capturing sound alone from the camcorder is another option). Just to put this in context; I am recording video using 2 camcorders, but only want to use sound from one of them, because the other has really naff sound (due to an internal microphone only). So I want to harvest the soundtrack from the good sound camera to use with the moving pictures from the poor sound camera. The Studio 9 software can remove the naff sound, and add an external soundtrack to the video - once I have a soundtrack to use. So the final part should not be a problem. It is just stripping the soundtrack I need to solve. If anyone can help I will be really happy Frank
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