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  1. Hi Folks: I was using a windows 7 32bit Virtual Machine under VMware Workstation 7. Appears drivers don't load well in this VM, although it loads fine under a windows XP Pro VM under Workstation 7. Have not tried under a straight set up of Windows 7. If anyone has any other info on this let me know, but guess for now I have to use a Windows XP Pro VM for this system.
  2. Found the solution ... in the synway drivers configuration program, in the "Advance Tone Setup' tab... select appropriate area from "area select" drop down.
  3. Hi Folks: Using an SHT-4B/USB TelCahta4USB device with Windows XP Pro. Synway Driver version IVM seems to be working fine, other than it cannot forward a message, error indicates "Call attempt failed - cannot get a dialtone on the line". I have tried changing the settings in ShCtiConfig to lengthen time for dialtone detect ... does not seem to have helped. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Dave Melnyk
  4. Hi Folks, I purchased a TELCTAUSB4 device and IVM and am having trouble getting it installed under windows 7 professional(32bit). I have version of the SYNWAY drivers. WhenI run the "Test" program it gives me an error indicating that "Initializing master-board failed! BoardID=0. Fatal error @hwinitBoard(): Can't find [boardID=0] BoardSerialNumber 4231366656 Voice Card!" IVM runs, but does not pickup any lines, I suspect it cannot find the board either, although the CAHTA ines are shown under the telephony settings. Any advice / assistance would be greatly apprec
  5. Hi folks ... solved the problem... simply used "myserver.com:[alternate port]" ... seems to work reliably now. Best regards, Dave Melnyk
  6. HI folks: I am having trouble with IVM connecting to my mail server. When I first set up the email settings and sent a "test message' it worked fine. However, two minutes later it is no longer able to connect to the server. The email server is in te format: "myserver.com" - i.e. not smtp.myserver.com. Would this make a difference? Additionally, the mail server is using a non-standard port - ie: 10025 for smtp - can IVM accommodate this? This is most frustrating. I actually am running the mail server, and I see no attempt to access the server at all from IVM - i.e. not like it
  7. Hi Curtis - thanks for the reply. I did indeed try that, but the moment I removed the extra line for the CallUrl 4LV+ IVM would crash and not restart. The problem has been solved by the folks at NCH Swift Sound with a different build. For the record I would like to thank the folks at NCH Swift Sound for their prompt response to my problem and the quick resolution they provided. It is always a bit unnerving to not have a telephone "contact" number when you are having major problems, but their support was first rate. Best regards, Dave Melnyk
  8. Hi Folks: I recently purchased the IVM softare - professional version. (3 lines), I have a CallUrl 4LV+ board and a zoom modem (for faxes) installed on my system. Everything works fine with the "unregistered version" of the program. However, once I register the program with my activation code, it reports that I am not entitled to use 5 devices. I go to settings, and remove the zoom modem and one of the lines listed for the CallUrl 4LV+ card. At this point IVM crashes with an unexpected error and terminates. The only way to corrrect the problem is to remove IVM completely and reinstall (unr
  9. Don't know if this will help with your problem, but I had similar issue using a CallUrl 4LV+ - i.e. two distinctive rings each showing as DRN 1 (6000ms). Set the "use minimum ring interval" to 3000ms - then made the calls again - this time the DRN numbers were the same (1), but the milliseconds were 6000 and 4563 respectively. I took the difference between the two numbers, divided by 2 and then added that amount (rounded up) to the lesser number - i.e. 6000 - 4563 = 1437 / 2 = 718.5 + 4563 = 5282 (rounded). I plugged this number in as the "use minimum ring interval" and voila - the DRNs now sh
  10. dmelnyk

    Help with IVM

    Hi folks: I recently purchased IVM Professional and a CallUrl 4LV+ board (RevA2). Everything installed corretly and seemed to be working fine with one line. The Line Detect program seemed to have trouble allocating channels, but one channel seemed alright. After attempting to set some items for other channels, IVM suddenly crahsed and any restart of IVM results in an immediate crash of the IVM software. Only solution was to uninstall and then reinstall. HOWEVER, the IVM software finds a ZOOM modem (on another line) that I do not want IVM to handle. When I remove it from the list (Using
  11. dmelnyk

    Using Scripts

    OOPS - .. guess I should have resized screens more appropriately! Obviously missed the settings at the lower end of the "Save IVR program" dialog box. Please ignore my stupidity! Regards, Dave Melnyk
  12. dmelnyk

    Using Scripts

    Hi Folks: I am evaluating the IVM software and was just wondering about the following: I set up some mailboxes and OGMs - everything was fine. I selected "Save as IVR program file, then loaded a downloaded IVR script to try. Afterwards I reloaded my original "Script" that I had saved, but the mailboxes for the original script seemed to have disappeared - mailboxes from the downloaded script were still present. Am I missing some step? Best regards, Dave Melnyk Toronto, Canada
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