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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply. QUOTE If you mean you have Invoiced a customer and received a payment by credit card from that customer QUOTE this is exactly what I mean. There is no option after invoicing a customer to choose payment by credit card. Example, I send and invoice out to a customer and he or she telephone me to make a credit card payment, I bring up their invoice, choose record with payment there is no option to check pay by credit card. So I dont know how many customers have paid by card. This is important when I want to cross reference my card machine statements with actual invoices. I could be missing a payment on my card machine statement but I would not know who has paid by card. dave
  2. Hi All after creating a new invoice then recording with payment I need the option to be able to pay with credit card, at the moment there is just cash or cheque option. Can I add this option to show as default or is there another way. thanks for any help dave
  3. Hi All Please can anyone tell me where express invoice keeps all its data files on a mac. I can not find the folder that the program saves all the invoices to. Ive searched by spotlight but cant find the saved invoices. Many thanks dave
  4. This is happening to me also, Im running snow leopard, no data is saved after typing it in. Someone please help URGENT
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