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  1. Hi everyone...I have been evaluating Inventoria before purchasing it for the company. What I like is that is simple and easy to learn/use compared with any other software and it has no restrictions on the number of SKU when using the trial. We analyzed several and decided for this one. One annoying thing we have detected is inventoria.exe and three postgres.exe files process/files running at all times after installation. Even when the program is closed. Moreover, if you end the process with task manager, it immediately comes back. That sort of spyware behavior is really freaking us out. Have anyone noticed this? What is the reason behind this persistence? Is a great product, needs just a few add-ons (broader .csv export abilities for reports, add/delete columns from report, linked locations, inventory transfers between warehouses and custom reports -like using subcategories or suppliers) to be a superb tool. If this features are available in the paid version we will go for it. If not, we will pass. Thank you... HC
  2. Why don't you use the item column as the serial number column. That way each serial will be a separate product?
  3. To be honest, I think this is a minor problem although I agree with you. In our case, we have several warehouses were we want a separate warning level but we would love to know the overall for a region or zone or total (we have 2 warehouses in the same town because we couldn't found a bigger one)and we can't link or aggregate warehouses by zone. Neither there is a report/recording tool that allows for inventory transfers between warehouses. The only way to do it is to record a sale, which is complicated.
  4. I did it with the Inventory report. You can't customize reports directly (changing/deleting or adding columns) which is a shame but the inventory reports you can export them as .csv file. You then open that file with Excel and bingo! you may at least erase the columns you don't want and add others you would like (in the later case, loading the information for those columns manually) I don't see that feature with the sales report. I hope someone cares and maybe they add this simple feature. Bye, HC
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