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  1. No- one ist going to help me? Well, if thats too bad, this program would be just perfect for me - not too simple and not too complicated - but if nobody knows / wants to tell me, how to get a better output resolution and theres NO SUPPORT FOR FREE- USERS, i´ll have to look for another free viedeo program, or more likely, buy one - BUT NOT THIS ONE, i´ve heared the trash- output- quality applies also to the full version. Greetings and bye, if no-one responds soon.
  2. The ones that do work have very crappy quality It seems that all output of this program is crab. At least in the free version, you can put even HD in it and out comes some piyeled garbage.
  3. Hi. I´ve got nearly the same problem: an output Quality, theat we would call "Ramsch" in Germany (Thats trash/garbage) 1. I make a video vith my camcorder, in HD 1080. The video is clearly HD, quiete a good quality, if i open it (before working with it!) in Win Media Player. 2. I work on the video in Movie Pad Editor. I first wondered about the owfully low quality the viedeo has in the preview (Also pictures from a 10 Megapix. digicam!), but I theougt preview is prwview, all will be fine when I save it. 3. I save the viedeo, now consisting of various clips (I tried with cl
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