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  1. I have a similar issue, though I am still using WindowsXP. Have used ED4.05 for some time with Speechmike 6264, with no problem. Upgraded Microphone to Speechmike lfh5274, and now find that the buttons don't (ever) start or control the dictation. As you found 'ED recognizes its there and the buttons seem to register correctly on testing the speechmike in ED', but they don't actually do the job. The problem is the same with ED5.33.
  2. I have the same problem. For many years I have been using earlier versions of Express Dictate with earlier versions of Philips speech Mike. I had no problem using the speech Mike with express dictate version 4.05. However, when I broke my speech Mike and replaced it with version 5274, that would no longer work properly with Express Dictate, either version 4.05 or 5.33. The rollerball and mouse button operate, the other buttons appear to register with Express Dictate but they don't translate through into making it operate. The result is that now I can only use Express Dictate by opening th
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