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  1. Actually I have already submitted a ticket some time ago and have not heard a thing back. The forum sticky says that it is a place to ask questions about Classic FTP. It appears to me that the posts are doing just that. I know my own ended with asking for suggestions or explanations to what appears to be a serious flaw in this software. I fail to see how that is misuse of the forum. If you represent the software creator it might be a more productive approach to help us in problem solving. At this point I would like a refund. I have tried sending in a ticket and gotten no response.
  2. My experience is similar. prior to purchase it worked ok. Now when I try to upload a folder it only uploads half of the files. It seems to load all of the sub-dirs but leaves out some of the files from each dir. I tried the "sync" option but even though it was missing large numbers of files on the remote site it downloaded files rather than uploaded. Infuriating! This thing is dead in the water at this point if I can't even upload a dir. That's so basic. WTF? Anyone have any suggestions on a workaround? Al
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