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  1. I started with the free version which ran fine on my Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit machine. I have upgraded to the paid version and it still runs fine. It is quick, handles all the formats it says it should and I can also add .mov files straight from my Canon 60D in full HD. I don't get any crashes or freezing and the slideshows I have produced have all worked fine on my standalone DVD player. No, this is not an advert for the software but I just wanted to point out that the software does work. Have you tried uninstalling the software and then reinstalling it but with the "User Account Co
  2. I've just done this with the Free edition and using Windows 7 (64 bit) so I guess it should work for you. I was using a .mov HD (1080) file with sound and it worked perfectly. Under (1) ADD PHOTOS AND MEDIA FILES simply browse for your video file and open/add it as you would a photo file. Now Add it to the slideshow and treat it just the same as the photos already added. I added a cross-fade transition at the beginning and end of the clip and it worked fine. As far as playing the DVD it should play as per any normal DVD regardless of the operating system, if that system already pl
  3. Yes there is. Before you start your slideshow, under OPTIONS, GENERAL change the settings for slide duration, transition duration, etc. and then these timings become the default for each slideshow you make after that. You can still change the times of individual slides within a show or go back and change the defaults for your next one. Once you have slides in a show then the only way to change their timings, from the default, is by doing it individually......I think.
  4. I've just started using the Free edition. The answer to all of your questions is yes. I couldn't find a comparison chart of the free vs paid-for but the NCH site says that the free (never expires) version has most of the effects and facilities of the paid-for version. It just doesn't say which ones are not there. I have created a couple of slideshows with jpgs, tifs and .MOV HD video and they have burned perfectly to DVD+R and also .mpg file for PC or authoring program. I added soundtracks, narration, transitions and effects. So far it seems to work very well. Just bear in min
  5. Assuming you've added your soundtrack - right click on it and one of the options will be to STRETCH SLIDES TO FIT AUDIO DURATION. Click on this and you should be okay. This is using the Free edition. If you have several audio clips in the soundtrack just highlight the last one before right clicking and stretching - works for me.
  6. a. Highlight the first slide in your show (optional but helps to see the title being added). b. Under (1) ADD PHOTOS, VIDEOCLIPS, AND MUSIC click on ADD A BLANK SLIDE. c. Dialogue box will open - choose position as BEGINNING OF TIMELINE. Click OK. d. Black, blank slide will be inserted before your first slide. e. Highlight the blank slide. Under (2) ADD EFFECTS choose TEXT OVERLAY. f. Dialogue box opens. You can type your message, choose font, choose font colours, alignment, etc. g. Practise the typing as this will affect the position of your message etc. I have found that t
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