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  1. ### "264stub.exe stopped working" ### After weeks of very satisfied usage, today, while encoding a slideshow as mp4 I encountered this message "264stub.exe stopped working". The video created is not working well - at some point the slides do not change. I tried WMV, AVI avoiding the H264 video codec. No error message, but the videos created did not behave well - at some point the slides did not change. After complete uninstall, I re-installed the program. It did not help. System: - Toshiba with Intel i7 Quad - 8GB RAM - 360GB HD - Windows 7 64bits Please, help !
  2. Thank you for your detailed advice, Pugwash ! - Emiramar
  3. Please, help ! I like the program a lot, and am considering buying it. The only issue for me is: How can I create a title slide to place at the beginning of the show ?
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