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  1. I seemed to have got it working as follows; • Once software installed connect Philips speechmikepro to USB port o Run controller setup wizard from Options and set options as below o Run audio setup wizard from dictation menu to set record and playback volumes o If not working may need to use speechmikepro from a working computer and then re-try with existing microphone – bit quirky sometimes! try it and let me know how you get on - we seem to up and running with all users now
  2. have installed express dictate v5.32 for 8 users all using philips speechmikepro lfh5274. works perfectly for the first 2 workstations (all dell optiplex 780's). But .. in all the others it fails to activate recording and doesn't pick up audio signal in audio setup wizard. all the sound card settings seem identical . speechmikepro work with other application eg windows voice recorder
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