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  1. Hi,there, I configured Axon PBX and axon express talk using IPTEL.org SIP services according to your recommendation and suggestion.but I can't make calls from Axon express to my cell phone and home phone.I check the log file,it says: 12:53:13 Initiated sip call to: 1212xxxxxxx 12:53:36 Error. Other side said: Not subscribed 12:53:36 Call has disconnected 13:01:38 Initiated sip call to: 1212xxx0180 13:02:00 Error. Other side said: Not subscribed 13:02:00 Call has disconnected And I checked accounting from iptel.org,saying: destination status time length of call hang up <sip:1212xxxxxxx@iptel.org> non-existent 2011-07-08 12:38 n/a n/a Do you have any good advice on how to solve this problem? Thanks! Harry
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