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  1. Hi borate, The zip file contains three folders: - 190527_test_mp4_copies - 190527_test_mp4_no_copies - 190527_test_mts_copies Each folder contains a folder with the portable project and source files, and the non-portable project, e.g.: - 2019-05-27 23-37-03 - 190527_test_mp4_copies.vpj E.g. the folder 2019-05-27 23-37-03 contains the portable project and source files: - 190527_test_mp4_copies.vpj - 20170724_113442_winch_mp4.mp4 - 20170725_170526_winch_mp4.mp4 This is why the zip file is so large: It contains three instances / versions of each source file.
  2. Hi, I performed several tests (see http://www.bernkopf.cz/truhla/190527_test.zip ) and came to these conclusions: Prism didn’t work for me. The resulting files were jerky, diced, totally bad colors. I didn’t research it anymore. Instead, I used the MP4 Converter in batch mode to make the mp4 versions. VP doesn’t like mts files. Changing speed of parts of clips results in completely faulty timing of the changed parts, regardless whether or not you use multiple copies of the original files in the bin. Use of mp4 files without multiple copies gives a result similar to that of the project with mts files. I hope that the following procedure will work: Create mp4 versions of all mts files. You can do it in batch mode when copying the files from your camera to the PC. MP4 Converter in default settings answers the purpose well. Add the mp4 files to the bin of VP. Prepare in the bin a separate copy of original clip for each occurrence of the clip in the sequence. Add the copies of the clip to the sequence. In the sequence set IN/OUT points, change the speed, or make any other changes to each particular clip. Be sure not to use a copy of the original clip from the bin more than once in the sequence. The procedure described above may work for new projects. However, I still don’t know how to repair a completed project. Replacing unique mts files with mp4 versions and their copies would be too painful and risky. I think the issues, still being tracked down, didn’t occur in previous versions of VP. In 2017 I made this video: https://youtu.be/lL7tGkVI8-w . Recently, I decided to make a Czech version of it. I didn’t touch anything except the texts in the titles. The video from 2017 is clean; the new one suffers from the unwanted extra frames. You can compare the part of the old video from about 40s (it is clean) with the extract of the new video that we are analyzing.
  3. Hi, I am afraid Nat’s procedure doesn’t work. After completing it, I saved the project and closed VP, started VP again, cleared unused files in the cache, and reopened the project. The unwanted extra shots are there again. Borate’s approach is quite complicated. Before I start with it, I would like to know: Is it possible to convert all mts files before starting VideoPad? I would do it in batch mode in the course of copying files from camera to PC with MP4 Converter or Prism Video File Converter. Is there a way to export Sequence 2 without exporting Sequence 1? Otherwise, I would have to wait several hours for Sequence 1 to export in order to obtain a several second file of Sequence 2. And then to delete the exported file of Sequence 1, which I don’t need at the moment...
  4. Hi borate and Nat, Thank you for your precise analysis. I was really surprised to see that the project that I uploaded and linked didn't show my problem. This is why you didn't understand my description. And I didn't understand your replies. The project contents corresponded exactly to Nat's description. I apologize. Either I changed something in the project after completing the description, or it was a result of strange behavior of VP that we are just researching. Here is the link to a new extract from my project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r4CaPae5ZCWXHGV_yNwbhgs7KeVCwt6d/view?usp=sharing The zip file contains also a pptx file with illustrative screenshots. There are two occurrences of the unwanted segments: 1) Between 1.129 and 1.288 s 2) Between 8.783 and 9.259 s When zooming deep into the transition at 8.783 you can also see a blank space and a short fraction of video, both 1 ms long. They can't be noticeable in the final video but I think they come from the same misbehavior of VP.
  5. My previous statement about the workaround was too optimistic. The unwanted extra shots are indestructible. I removed all of them using the region deletion. After a lot of work the project was clean and I was happy. I saved the project and closed VP. Then I started VP again, cleared unused files in the cache, and reopened the project. The unwanted extra shots are there again. There must be a bug in VideoPad.
  6. I am running the last version 7.11. Clearing Unused Cache Files under OPTIONS|DISC tab, then reloading and reconstructing the project doesn't help. There are no extra clip fragments in Storyboard mode. Splitting and deleting or deleting ripple even makes the problem worse. It introduces mess into the project and even multiplies the errant segments. I think I found the cause and a provisional workaround. The error arises between speed changed clips and 'normal' unchanged clips. Probably there is a bug in VP. Split - delete - delete ripple doesn't work - see above. My workaround: In Timeline I zoom in the sequence as much as possible to be able to determine precisely the boundaries of the unwanted segment. Then I follow the procedure described here: http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/videopad/win/tasks_remove_section.html
  7. In my project I have one long original video clip from which I only use two short fractions. I split the clip using the tool "Split All Tracks". At the beginning of the second fraction there appeared a very short unwanted segment, which is about 60 ms long. It is situated between 700 and 762 ms of the timeline. The picture in the segment originates from the beginning of the original clip. I am not able to remove the segment. Here is the link to the portable project: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CTvOMkn6nz3_RrldWWkz1xLqwOtp7Iih Please help.
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