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  1. To start with I want to say hello to everyone , and to the future customers of NCH software's. So I spent my war like 1 hours setting up the router to be able to port forward Ports 86 and 88. 86 is for BroadCam and 88 for BroadWave, so I actually succeed on that part . I know i did since when I pressed the button saying "Run Web Routing and Test Wizard " said the my network was configured correctly on both applications( Cam and Wave) and to be double sure I ran test with website the check if ports are open and both ports were open. So when I go with BroadCam app I click connect so it would show me the addresses that I can use to see videos, In local link I could see the pre-recorded ones Ive posted but when I go to the public links that others should be able to see in the world the link is not valid meaning it dint work. So I think do i have to use another computer and check there or I don't know, etc... So I scroll down the page and this is what I find "Warning: Because your computer is on a private network you must setup your router and enter the known host details for the links to work properly from a public IP." Since I know all my necessary port are working fine and they are tuned to my public ip address(the one that other could use) then I'm sure this must be the problem. The thing is that I don't really know how to do this, what do I have to do to remove this message?
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