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  1. Hi everybody! I have been a user of Fling for years and years now. And with great succes. I love the program for backing up my disks and uploading to my server(s). Very handy and fast. But somewhere between now and a few months I will probably switch from a Vista machine to a Windows 7 machine. I expect Fling to run under 7, but will have to re-do all my settings. For your idea... I am approching a 100 Destinations in my Fling. I would like to backup the config file, which is probebly somewhere in de Program Files folder /fling etc. But I already had a brief look there... there is nothing over there. Is there any way to back up my settings? So I can easily copy all those ftp settings to my new computer. That would be great! Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks! Best Regards, Christian
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