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  1. I have dealing with some pretty long asf or wmv files (2 to 3 hours.) The audio is in sync with these files, but when I import into Videopad (2.41) for editing, the audio goes out of sync... seems to be the further into the file the more out of sync the audio becomes.


    The work around I have found is to convert to another format, like MP4 (prism works fine) and edit that file.


    This is an obvious bug in VideoPad, which I hope will be fixed


    Having tried 3.XX it is impossible in its present form, because it is imposibbly slow.

  2. Running Win 7.


    AS far as I can tell, you can only capture Audio along with the screen video using a microphones. Why isn't there an option to capture the streaming audio?


    Thee only way I have found to do this is to use a dubbing cable from speaker out to the mic in; not very satisfactory.


    Am I missing something?



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