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  1. Hi, Thanks, but what I am trying to do is have a sort order on the transactions (invoices and payment receipts) on the statement issued to an individual customer. So sorting of the customers or invoices within the Express Accounts GUI doesn't help with this. The statements are output as a PDF (or as an onscreen preview) and there is no way to modify the sort order so that transactions are listed by date. Regards, Zane.
  2. Hi, I am trying to issue Customer Statements - so want to show all invoices and payments received for a specific customer, for a specific period. This is via Statements (View -> Customers, select a customer then click Statements) or Automatic Statements. Statements work fine, but they sort the transactions (invoices & payments) in the order entered into Express Accounts, not the date order, and the date order seems more sensible. Alternatively I'd be happy with Invoices (date order sorted) followed by Payment Receipts (date order sorted) too. Any ideas? Thanks, Zane.
  3. When producing statements, Express Accounts seems to print the transactions in the order they were entered. This is probably fine most of the time, but I am catching up old transactions in the software having just started using it, and I have found that statements print out the transactions in the order entered, regardless of the dates. I would expect a statement to print in the date order of the transactions, or at least have an option to do so. Does anyone know how to change the date order of the transaction list in statements? Or have a good reason why order of capture is the correct order for a statement? I am using 3.41 (paid) but have also tested this in 4.02.
  4. I am using the Multiple Businesses feature, but when I go to backup the data (File->Backup), the program only backs up the first business, regardless of which business is "active" when I do the backup. This means that I have no way (other than a full Windows backup) to back up the data for businesses apart from the first one. I have Express Accounts 3.41 but have also tried 4.02, and both seem to have the same bug. Has anyone managed to get backups working for multiple businesses. Has anyone tested restoring from backups?
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