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  1. OK, I got this figured out now. IIRC, I had to re-create time sheets when I went from Win 7 to XP and now I know why. First, you have to enable show hidden files in your win 7 machine. Here are instructions for doing so. Show hidden files & folders in Windows 7 HourGuard splits timesheets into a totally separate folder on the Win 7 machine. It also portions out the Accounts, Tasks, and Options folders into another separate location. HourGuard itself resides in the folder listed in the migrate help here on this forum, but none of the data is in this folder. File location
  2. I ran into this problem about 4 weeks ago migrating back to an xp machine from Win7 that was being sent for warranty repair for failed hard drive. Needless to say, I figured it out finally and all the data showed up. Now I'm doing it again on the new install on the new win7 drive and have run into the same issue except I have no accounts or tasks at all. I do not remember what I did to fix it, but if I figure it out again I will absolutely let you know. I should learn to take notes when I succeed at fixing stuff... I always forget what I did to fix it.
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