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  1. I've got a free version of hourguard that I use for timekeeping as I'm a freelance. It's suddenly started saying my trial of hourguard timesheet plus has expired and closing the program. I never had/used that, afaik. But I can't use the ordinary timesheet function any more. Can someone please help?
  2. Thanks very much - all up and running with the free version. I'm just a one man band so don't need anything more than basic.
  3. Sorry I don't understand. I have searched the hard drive and I have found the dat files as above. I just wanted to know which folders to back up for the future and I would have liked to know how to restore them in case of the same thing happening again. Afraid I've no idea what version I was running - 'old' I'd say
  4. Ah ok. TimeSheetPlus v1.15 Unlicensed software. Is that the demo program or free? I only wanted the free one like last time...the website was confusing... Thanks
  5. Ok. So I found options.dat in both the Express Invoice folder (don't use this) and in the NCH folder software, where it says it was last modified in 2010! I guess I just need to know - what is the location of the data files so if I have to back up and transfer data in the future, how would I do it? Like I say - I have tasks, options and accounts (stored in MyDocuments but moved into HourGuard), but Hourguard couldn't import the data. Many thanks!
  6. Quick question. When my Hourguard started this afternoon it more or less told me that I had the licence for another couple of days and then I'd have to buy it. It used to be free - is this a ruse or is it really still free? Best wishes...
  7. Just as an update to this. I've checked out my computer now it's all up and running and there's nothing called AppData in my user folder..so where could the data be?
  8. Ok, Sounds like horse has already bolted then. 1 I just kept the three folders mentioned above 2 My computer's been rebuilt so I guess anything in Roaming will be gone as I didn't know anything else was there 3 Suppose I'll have to remember to use back up next time Disappointing, but not the end of the world. Would love to know what the point of the folders accounts, tasks and options is, if they're not the useful ones though! Best wishes
  9. Hi I've just had to remove everything from my Win7 laptop in order for it to be reinstalled etc. I have three folders - tasks, accounts, options and have moved them into the hourguard folder. When I open Hourguard, there's nothing there. Tasks and accounts folder are populated with dat files, but I don't know how to get Hourguard to 'see' them. Many thanks for your help.
  10. Solved!! Searched on 'timesheets' and finally found them on xp. Was the missing bit of the puzzle. Now they're on the new laptop and showing up fine. Thanks so much for your help.
  11. Actually, now I can see you post properly in html, I can see I needed to put timesheets into one location, and not the three folders. I must see if I can find where they are on the old laptop, unless you know?
  12. You might have to help a bit more with this. I have three folders as you say - accounts, options, tasks - on my winxp laptop. I have put all three folders into the hourguard locations on my new win7 laptop... here Folders named Accounts, Tasks, and Options C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\HourGuard Timesheets folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\HourGuard But nothing's happening. In fact which ever report I ask it to do, it comes up with a report of my current task. ie the one I've logged on the new laptop before I added these files. Have I done something wrong? Thanks for your help.
  13. I'm moving hourguard from my xp laptop to my new win7 laptop. Theoretically it should be fine - found the folders containing the data on my xp laptop. Put them on a stick and put them on the new laptop overwriting the folders of the same name within hourguard. Although the accounts and tasks are now visible. There's no data. So I get the tasks coming up but when I run a report there's nothing in it. Hope someone can tell me where I'm going wrong! Thanks
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