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  1. An update to this entry: Ilich, at the NCH Customer Service Team was kind enough to send a link to the legacy Videopad 4.11, which I have installed on my pc, and it appears to be working properly.
  2. I'm so frustrated I can't even find the words. Videopad 4.11 worked marvelously, but v 7 is WORTHLESS.so far as I can see. They have made it impossible to expand the audio tracks at the bottom to be able to see more than one at a time and if you've got multiple audio files to drop in at various points, just forget it. At the same time it is impossible to collapse the "drag and drop your video, text and image clips here from the file bins" area enough to give you a little space to see those audio tracks! It may be THEORETICALLY possible to create multiple audio tracks, but in practice it is completely unworkable as it is currently configured, so far as I can see. And the damned thing crashed every time I tried to export a video until I tried using .mp4 instead of the .avi format I've used for years. And I have no idea how long that'll last now that I see another thread about installing updated drivers because I tried to make sense of the instructions for that till I felt I was falling down a rabbit hole and simply gave up. What the hell good is software that forces you to jump through a bunch of additional, incomprehensible hoops just to make it work as advertised? Version 4.11 worked without ever crashing, even on huge, 2 1/2 hour long projects involving HUNDREDS of images, video clips and audio files, and shifting audio files from one track to another when you had great number to work with was no problem at all. WHY do they have to keep breaking things that don't need fixing? I had prepared an image to illustrate my complaint about the audio tracks, but there doesn't seem to be any option for attaching it. I'd gladly trade what I paid for v 7 to get v 4.11 back.
  3. Hi Borate, I should have asked: Is there any way I can get the red line in the audio Clip Preview to move along with the red line in the Timeline so I can zoom in and precisely adjust the fade points? (That clip doesn't begin at the start of the video. I'm using multiple audio clips at various points along the Sequence. Sorry that I didn't get the terminology right. I haven't used videopad much yet.) I hope this link to the screenshot works. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4__suY2fSBeMDhzVkxZMkdlaTg
  4. Hello, I'm using multiple audio sources on several tracks in a big VideoPad project and can't seem to find a way to view them along a timeline that's proportional to the video they're matched with. Of course I can see them in a preview window and adjust fade points within that window, but matching them up to the precise points in the video seems impossible, and it's just guesswork WHERE on that timeline the fade points will fit. Am I missing something? It seems ridiculous that a good program like videopad won't let you see the two side by side in the same stretched or compressed view so you can adjust those fade points precisely. I'm using videopad 4.11 on a windows xp pc that I keep offline so it's not slowed down by antivirus software, so if there's something new that will solve my problem, I won't be able to download it.
  5. I'm using WavePad Sound editor to edit voice files in .wav format. After applying Noise Reduction and High Pass filter, the files often sound too harsh. Is there any to soften the harsh parts without sacrificing the clarity? Thanks.
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