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  1. Gratz mate. You're the first person to call me by my codename, only three days after I registered too. What is this madness? D:

  2. Good Catch TRP, you are probably right! Bruce: I have seen something similar once before, and my problem was related to the output video being placed in a project with a different aspect ratio. It might help if you try setting your capture and window size to a standard aspect ratio or either 4:3 or 16:9. Are you simply capturing the video and then playing it, or are you editing it in VideoPad, or similar?
  3. What are the output settings that you are using?
  4. KLR, It sounds like your PC is lagging when the video capture begins. Remember that capturing video from your screen requires SIGNIFICANT system resources. You might try taking a look at your task manager to see how much of your system resources is available to debut. Also, its writing this information to your hardrive... If the video is coming from your harddrive too, that could point to some trobule with your disk's access rate. your might try upgrading to a more high performance disk.
  5. nivragni, you can adda sound file by dragging it into the "Media list" then from the "Media list" dragging it onto an empty "Soundtrack".
  6. cd {program's path on your PC} debut.exe for example, on my PC: >cd "C:\Program Files\NCH Software\Debut" >debut.exe
  7. You have to select the portion of the screen that is being captured before you begin the recording. Since YOU select the area, I would assume that YOU know what you selected when you begin recording...
  8. I've noticed that if Debut is set to load on windows startup, and you use the htokey to start recording, it minimizes to tray, and then you can use the hot key to stop recording and it comes back... Does that help? I'm not surte if that's what you were asking.
  9. You shouldn't have to manually set the video output size... Is your screen's resolution 768 x 576?
  10. I read a post wearlier stating that Debut is NOT for use with a camcorder. For this you'll want to use VideoPad.
  11. Try enabling, and then disabling the setting in the program options. Also make sure that you run your registry editor "As Administrator".
  12. Where is the "jerky"ness occurring; when you capture the video in the debut window, or when you are playing back? What program do you use for playback? Where are you capturing from: screen, webcam, netwrok camera?
  13. Pezius

    capturing audio

    You are not missing anything. Per the documentation (what little there is), you are correct. You should put this in as a feature request. You can do that from the help menu.
  14. Is that a Brand? I would check that it supports standard video capture/streaming interfaces. The software is likely only looking for a specific types of video input devices. I would check the compatibility of yours.
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