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  1. Hey guys, Okay, so I was running an older version of IVM, and recently thought I should upgrade to the the newest version. So without realizing that I had to pay for the newer version I downloaded the 5.04 version. Thats when the trouble started. When ever I call in now this is the message that appears in the status bar at the bottom of the software window. " Ringing on Line Intel® 536EP Modem detected. Waiting until ring number 2. Intel® 536EP Modem Intel® 536EP Modem [Answered] Answered Line (1"Intel® 536EP Modem"] call number [5530] cid [unknown] did[intel® 536EP Modem] drn[1 (5979ms)] Play file: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ Application Data\ NCH Swift Sound\IVM\OGMs\Intro.wav Call Disconnected " So when I started getting that message I realized that probably because I had downloaded the updated software it probably wanted me to pay for it, which was fine, but then i bought it and I am still getting the same message. I would really appreciate any help anyone could offer. I work for a Non-Profit organization that has been using this software for years, and things are going crazy without it. I am not sure if there is just something I am missing or if there is a bigger problem. Like I said any help would be GREAT. Also if there is no way of fixing the problem at the moment, does anybody now how to downgrade to the software I had before and hopefully it will work better than the newer version. Thanks, Paul
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    Upgrade Issue!

    Hi there, So I recently upgraded my IVM Answering Attendant software to the latest version. I thought that it was going to simply update my current software and keep all my menues and audio messages intact. Unfortunately it seems to have hid them a little bit. I can see my menues and everything when I am in the "Graphical" view just as they were before I updated. But when I switch to the "List" view the screen does not display my menues. Also when I try to call the line so that I can do a quick test of the software, it gives me the standard answering machine rather than my custom one. If someone could give me a hand and help me out I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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