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  1. I guess the question then is, if each dictator has an auto-import source does that mean they'd each need their own email address and be set up as a "speaker" because we have some offices with upwards of 20 doctors. So we'd literally need hundreds of "speakers" set up rather than just one client set up as a speaker with all of their doctors files staying within that client.
  2. Can zipped files be imported into Delegate? We have clients that will dictate one file per patient and then send us 30+ wav files zipped into one file...will be able to have them send the zipped file or will it require them to attach 30+ separate files? Thanks
  3. Okay, that's doable we could see if they could change their outputting format. As far as the FTP site goes, is Filezilla an option? Does that work with Delegate? We already use it for some files and I"m wondering if there is a way to set up each client on our Filezilla so that Delegate can auto import the audio recordings from there?
  4. Okay, so how long until .dss is supported as most of my clients use that format and if that's the case then this program wont work for us at all because I cant ask all my clients to change the type of handhelds they're using?
  5. Okay, I've just purchased the Delegate program and I'm trying to set it up but it wont allow me to auto import any .dss files. I'm trying to auto import on a local server. Does anyone know if this is an issue with the file type or is it a set up option? Also, I have multiple clients that DO NOT want to deal with the program and send all their files directly to me. I need to be able to import these wav files into the appropriate locations for my typists to pull and transcribe from my own system. So, my question is do I have to set myself up as a new "speaker" with a new email address, etc.
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