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  1. You must do this right to avoid jerkiness! I always REDUCE the size of the image (if possible) by using the "...." controls and right-clicking to 50% or even 25% of the screen;. Paradoxically,sometimes ENLARGING the text REDUCES the size of the video (use 400 % for example.) 2. With NETFLIX basically you cannot change the size. BUT you CAN record at 60 FPS instead of the usual 30.
  2. This also works for NETFLIX shows. Had same problem with black screen. Workaround was successful; however,I must carry a portable USB flashdrive with me to "import" the video. Note that if screen exceeds a certain size,recording may be "jerky". This might be fixed if you use a paid version of DEBUT and record at 60 fps. (If possible,use the computer "....." with right-click controls to change the size ratio of the screen.
  3. I noticed recently that DEBUT would not record any shows on the CBS network! Recorded the ads fine. Checked and found all other sources recorded OK. CBS has some kind of technology that "blacks" the screen. But I got around this. I went to a library and used the free version of Debut. On a Windows 7 computer!Worked fine!Plays back on Windows 10. Kind of a hassle,but if you really need the show,then…. I'm using a Windows 10 computer normally.This post is for those who don't have a DVR,use Debut,and have a right to use the Betamax rule (time-shifting for own personal use).
  4. I have an answer to this. Reduce screen size (left click onto the three dots at upper right of computer screen). Then,left-click the "minus" sign....changing "Zoom" to 33% instead of 100%. Usually 33% is sufficient. Nothing above a certain size video portal can be rendered @ 30 fps. Otherwise,it gets jerky again. I personally use the following settings: MPEG4,Highest Quality (or 8192),plus Speakers Option for Audio. This gives .avi output (the best) but can use .mp4 .
  5. THANKS FOR THIS POST!! I have had this same problem on occasion. A favorite (rented) Windows XP PC that I'd used for 2 years suddenly developed this "jerkiness" after it had been re-formatted (due to a virus attack). I thought it was because a competing video program (such as Graboid) had been installed. Think the capacity of the computer is 500 Gb. Yes,MPEG is the "right" setting. Huffnayev itself produces jerkiness.....Also,sometimes I deliberately record the minimized (small screen) versions of videos. That works better. Sometimes I have to use a jumper audio cable (from speaker o
  6. Is anybody out there going to be using DEBUT between 12:30 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. (Los Angeles time) June 4,2012? A popular radio show in Los Angeles,calls in to a friend in England. That friend walks across Abbey Road,and nobody has been around before (or even could) record that event. I could,but I cannot easily get to a computer at that late time.
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