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  1. I see the dark/charcoal interface changes have been implemented. Unfortunately this makes the product unreadable for me. How can we switch this back to the white background and make this usable again? I've looked but I don't see any theme related configurations.
  2. Thanks Nat. I tried restarting the effect and doing only a few manipulations at a time. I figured out the apparent visual wave direction reversal was related to the speed setting, but didn't understand why until after I had supper (probably a brain/blood sugar issue). Once I sat down and realized this was similar to what I see on an oscilloscope, and that changing the time domain would change the apparent direction of wave progression. I logged in and saw your excellent response and wanted to say thank you. Clearly picking the speed settings and wave count carefully can minimize this apparent visual anomaly.
  3. I've tried using the wave effect on a text overlay and it definitely works, but the waves seem to reverse direction half way through the clip. I can't figure out how to control the wave direction. At first I thought it might be related to the speed going from positive to negative, but that doesn't seem to be the case. No matter what I do the wave effect seems to reverse direction. Does anyone know where I might find a tutorial or something that would explain how to use this effect successfully?
  4. I'm using Videopad 4.3 and when I go to "Options", "Media" and select "Place on Sequence at End", the value does not seem to be saved and all later placements occur at the current cursor location, not at the end of the sequence. What's up with that?
  5. I recently updated from a 2.X release to the 3.14 release and am experiencing the same issues. The first time I started Video Pad, it immediately crashed. The next time I started it crashed while loading a 40+ minute video (MPG) file for editing. The next time I was able to load the file without errors and complete my edits. A week later I again loaded a 30-40 minute video for editing and it again crashed the first time, but loaded the file the second time. Saving the project can also cause intermittent crashes. This is frustrating and I'm not pleased with the expense for an unstable product.
  6. I have a similar issue with my DSL router. I'm given to understand from the router manufacturer and AT&T (cursed be their names) that the router is set up in the firmware so that the NAT loopback is disabled and you can't get to your own public IP address (i.e. you can't do things like ping your own fixed IP address). Basically this is to make it difficult for you, and to keep you from doing just what you are trying to do, set up a server at home. Go to your nearest BarStucks (or Query-nos, etc.), order their cheapest item and user their internet connection to try your streaming service connection. I've got both Broadcam and Broadwave setup, but neither can test the internet connection from within the home network; yet both work just fine. One other issue you will face is the upload speed limitations of your ISP. I have the DSL Ultra (~750Mbps) and I've had several service calls over to make sure I get the maximum on my connection speeds. I can send multiple audio streams all day long with no problems. The video streaming is another matter. If I buffer 30 seconds of video and play the stream, I can go for about 3.75 minutes before the buffer is exhausted and I have to wait for it to refill. I'm not really sure why this is as I work with our church to do a streaming service (using a Tricaster Pro system from NewTek) over the same type of internet connection and we can stream a signal for well over an hour without buffering problems (if you can believe our parishioners) . It is possible my server simply can't pump out the data fast enough, though I would doubt that as I have plenty of horse power for all my other tasks. I hope this helps you (even though it doesn't contain a good solution).
  7. I think what you are seeking is called chroma key, or green screen. This is the effect that you commonly see used by the weather man/woman on the nightly news. VideoPad does have this feature as part of the overlay functions, but I've read that it can leave the image pixelated (I haven't used it myself yet, but I can't wait to try it out sometime).
  8. The overuse of various transitions is a hallmark of the novice user, but that doesn't mean that there aren't instances when a particular effect or transition wouldn't be useful or needed at one time or another. I'm working on a video from this past Christmas and the intro is a short montage of the cards I received. Since not all the cards match the 16:9 format, I would like to have something like the snow effect (that is available in Microsoft MovieMaker) to fill out the screen. Alas, I'm having a hard time finding plugins for effects and transitions.
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