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  1. I have windows xp, free express scribe. First of all I'm not sure what folder link to put in the "incoming" folder information. I am downloading dct. attachment from gmail email. How do I get Encryption Key from my dictator and what is the User ID? My dictator is using Dial Dictate. I would greatly appreciate any help.
  2. Does anyone know How you upload the tsp_coded_install.exe file? I saw a reply from Sept. 2011 recommending this for a problem with .wav. It seems I can download the attachment (dictation) but when I click open the window to load into Express Scribe opens but nothing happens. Anyone know what I can do?
  3. I hope you are still out there. How do you upload the tsp_codec_install.exe file?
  4. Will any digital voice recorder work sending dct. files to email with Express Dictate? Haven't bought mine yet.
  5. DD says the phone you are using must have DTMF? Does that mean the VOIP service or the phone you are calling in on, such as a softphone or cell phone must have DTMF? Do cell phones hace DTMF? I am with AT&T Wireless.
  6. CallCentric does not service OK. Can anyone recommend another VOIP for dictating from Cell phones in OK? How does DTMF affect dictating from a cell? Please give me some help. I
  7. Perry do you have a voip suggestion since I am not in Call Centric area. I'm in OK. Thanks.

  8. Why do I keep getting this error message when I send the test email?
  9. Please Help.... 1. I have listed the SMTP mail host info given to me by my ISP. I get "Unable to connect to mail server smtp.east.cox.net" error. Then I tried using the SMTP.gmail.com because I use Gmail rather than COX (who is my ISP). I get the same error message. I need to know where I find the authentication info as well. 2. I get "invalid email" when I try the test for the destination email. What have I done wrong there? I appreciate any help. I'm fried.
  10. pnshields


    Will someone please tell me where I find the Server Address and Log on info to set up my Incoming info?
  11. Thank you for the help. Would you be willing to walk me through the Express Scribe Set Up?
  12. I am the only transcriber for the dictators who will use Dial Dictate. How do I set up "Incoming" if I do not have a website, and they are dictating from a phone? I'm not in their office, we want to do it all virtually. Do I have to purchase Express Delegate???? Sounded so easy, but we can not make it work after days of trying. Desperately needing instruction.
  13. Can someone please help me by walking me through the Setup step by step. I am about to call it quits and tell the people who are signing up for Dial Dictate to forget it too. What is Server Address? How do I set up the email I want to use for people to send it to, and who I send it to? Please Help!!
  14. What telephone # do I dial to reach Dial Dictate in order to record? Can you tell me where I programed that into the Settings?
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