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  1. Hi, I noticed that when recording a Payment/Purchase the transaction defaults to Payment. For purchase transactions this can not be changed until the transaction is recorded. So what is the difference? If I bought some printer paper from OfficeWorks - do I record this transaction as a Payment to OfficeWorks? BTW I am using the Mac version 4.02 of Express Accounts Plus.
  2. Hi, I'm using Express Accounts 4.02 for Mac and found that when using the option Payments/Purchases - by default the transaction is recorded as PAYMENT. I then need to go to the Journal entries - edit that translation and change it to Purchases. Example here would be Mobile Phone bill OR domain name Purchase. What am I doing wrong? What is the underlying difference between Payment and Purchase in this case. PS. Please don't confuse the Payment here with receiving a payment from a Customer. Any help appreciated, Peter
  3. I just upgraded to this version of Express Invoice and now it seems that WEB Access does not work. When I try to configure it is defaults to an address - which is not on my network and does not allow me to change to my Mac IP address. Anyone having the same problem?
  4. Hi, I am using Express Invoice v3.06 for Mac and found that I get an ERROR when trying to email an Invoice using the Web Interface. If I try to send the Invoice by email through the ExpressInvoice GUI on the MAC then it works correctly. BTW I am accessing ExpressInvoice with my WiFi network and not through the internet. Any suggestions are appreciated? Peter
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