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  1. My speakers on the iMac are internal so there's no external speaker jacks. The computer audio makes no noise whatsoever playing audio from any other software (iTunes, Audacity, and others). And the popping wasn't in the sound sources - whether it was web page movie, or an music player file. It was only in the recording. There's been a couple of updates since I tried this so I'm going to try the app again with the newer version when I get a chance.
  2. I would buy it if I was told that the free demo had this popping feature on purpose and the real app was quiet
  3. I never heard back on this so I never purchased the software
  4. version 1.41 for Mac. I have Mac OS 10.6.6, Safari 5.0.4 - both latest. 6 months old Intel iMac. After starting SoundTap, when I'm listening to and recording streaming audio from the internet, there's a popping sound (sounds just like pops from old vinyl discs). It's in the recorded file too when I play it back. When I close SoundTap, and restart the internet audio, it's perfectly clear - with the App closed Note - No other apps running except Safari and SoundTap. iMac is 3 GHz i7 model with lots of RAM, and I've run plenty of other audio software without a problem like this. - I haven't purchased the app yet. I downloaded it for trial use
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