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  1. This new version for windows 8 has a lot of bugs that can be fixed by NCH if they listen to us. 1`. switching between storyboard and timeline is not the same. I cannot see my when i switch between the two. I have to start out with one or the other. 2. The preview cuts off the tops of heads, but in the exported video, the video is fine. Poor preview. (exported instead of make video was making things complicated as well) 2. Transitions no longer show thumbnails of what the transition looks like. There will be more. I have just got started. Thank You.
  2. If there is a way, I have not found it. To split a video, then take the selected audio from it after detaching it, and copy and paste it somewhere else. This would be useful if i want to fill in a blank space where I took out some noise, with quieter background sound.
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