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  1. URGENT: *** Customer Getting Distressed *** I purchased a license fo Axon virtual APX, and received the license key. I then activated the key online. Subsequently I received an email telling me to enter details into the license key dialog. Which doesn't exist for my installation of v2.21 of Axon PBX. There's no menu option whatsoever. I raised a support email for this several days ago and there has been NO RESPONSE. This software continues to show that it is unregistered. Come the day that it stops working (any day now) seeing as I can't get help from NCH I shall be asking my CC company to issue a chargeback. And that will cost NCH money. That's hardly my fault when I've paid for software which I can't apparently use and NCH refuse to offer assistance. Come on NCH, get your finger out and help this honest customer!
  2. KazMax

    No Voice Prompts

    Have now purchased a license. Mostly working fine for incoming and outgoing calls. However I have a problem with internal voicemail. Configuration is: Axon virtual PBX on server. Express Talk on client PC. Latest versions. Both installed and (mostly) working. However I want to set up/use the Axon PBX internal voicemail system, and that's the bit that I can't seem to get working. My Express Talk extension is 101. When I dial 500 (from ET x101) it produces one ring, then the call is answered. However even though the status indicators for ET show a call in progress there are no voice prompts. Based upon my experience with voicemail on a mobile phone account, when I call 500 I'm expecting voice prompts to guide me thru a voicemail setup process. It may be that my understanding is wrong about this - so some help would be well received. Otherwise I can send/receive calls no problem so VoIP seems to be set up okay.
  3. KazMax

    Evaluation Period

    Thanks for that. 14 days should be enough for my needs. And depending on how a current ebay sale ends up I may have the wonga to buy the license in the next couple of days anyway. It will depend upon the auction winner paying up. I just noticed that when I select to upgrade my Express Talk business license it offers me a substantial discount for this PBX software, which is more than handy. At the moment I'm running Express Talk on my client PC, but intend to move the call management to my server.
  4. KazMax

    Evaluation Period

    I want to give this PBX software a try, however I need to wait for payday at the end of the month before I can buy a license. Does this PBX software provide an evaluation period? If so, how many days before it times out? Thanks!
  5. I have web access set up and working (I am evaluating the software presently). Working with a domain name and the port number supplied by the software, and I can access Express Accounts with a browser no problem. Could you please confirm whether the logon name and password are sent as plain text over the Internet? I assume that the connection is a standard HTTP arrangement (not SSL), and I am slightly concerned that passwords could be read and abused by hostile peeps. I tried setting up an SSL channel on port 443 redirected to the port which was advised by Express Accounts (using my firewall router), however that failed, I suspect because Express Accounts will not work with SSL. A
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