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  1. I purchased Golden Records in March 2011. It was installed on my, then, PC, which is now no longer in existence. Fortunately I kept the emails with my License Serial Number, and Activation codes. Yesterday I downloaded the current version of Golden Records, and attempted to use my Activation Code, only to be advised it was NOT valid for this version. So, my question is... How do I determine the Version I need to match my Activation Code? ...and then, where do I download that particular version from? TIA.
  2. I am running Vista. On a PC with an Intel Motherboard. There are three audio sockets, Blue, Green, and Pink. I am connecting Turntable to Computer (no Amplifier). I have tried the RCA to Stereo Jack in both the Blue and Pink sockets, but neither produce any signal. I have set the Noise floor low enough to allow GR to switch from "waiting for audio stream" to "recording". Trouble is the recording has no content. In Windows Control Panel I have a Microphone (Pink), and Speakers (Green), but NO Line In (Blue). In GR the Sound Record Device is set to "Microphone", so I'm assuming I should plug m
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