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  1. This tuner works well on my laptop, but doesn't get any reaction on my netbook. The microphone setting is either a "USB 2.0" or "default". Doesn't work on the built-in mic, nor on a plug in mic. maybe its a Windows 7 thing?
  2. I've downloaded the free guitar tuner and metronome, but when I check the "I Agree" box on the software license, then scroll down to display the "Next Button", I can't click on the "Next button" because the license agreement form jumps back up to the top of my screen, and the button cannot be seen or checked. Am i making any sense? i had no problem with my larger laptop, but on my netbook (10.1 inch -US) the form won't fit on the screen and won't allow me to scroll down and click the "Next button". Any ideas? Thanks
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