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  1. Thanks for that thread link. I have always saved my project as a .vpj file and the bookmarks are there each time I open the vpj project. I can export to a DVD or Blue-Ray disk and the encoding process does successfully complete. However, when attempting to initiate the Blu-Ray or DV burn, I ALWAYS get a message indicating "no disk detected in drive" and the disc door pops open with the disc. if I push the door in, Videopad gives me an error and the 15 hours of the encoding task is gone. I have a Samsung portable USB Blue-Ray disc drive. I know Videopad recognizes the drive as it is listed in t
  2. I have created .avi files and burned them at a later time but the bookmarks do not save. Do you know of a way to save the image file with bookmarks? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I have Video Pad Pro v.4.48. I have a video timeline that I have created that spans about hours in length. I have Bookmarks added. I want to burn this to Blue-Ray disc. From the menu bar up top, I select the drop-down from Export Blue Ray movie and select Blue Ray Movie Disc. Once I begin the burn process, Encoding begins. Encoding for my project takes about 16 hours. Each time, the encoding process finishes but burning to the Blue-Ray disc fails after encoding finishes. Here are my questions: 1. Is there any way to save the encoding job prior to burning to blue-ray disc. Each time
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. Your description of the TO and FROM sequence is exactly what I am experiencing and based on your detail, is by design for a cross-fade. What I need is for the TO clip to start at the begining of the cross-fade sequence. The FROM video will continue and complete at the end of the cross-fade time length. In my example, I am using 7 seconds as the cross-fade length as I want the FROM and TO videos to mix for that length as I control the audio face out for the FROM clip and the audio fade in for the TO clip. I will try your suggestion of the A/B roll
  5. Hello, I have VideoPad Video Editor Pro 3.36. ***I have added 30 videos to my timeline. ***I would like to create a transition between each video where the music AND video blends together with the initial video fading out and the next video fading in. ***I attempted to use a Cross-Fade transition on the initial video specifying 10 seconds. However, this doesn’t seem to work as the initial frame of the second video fades in and doesn’t proceed until the 1st video ends. Not sure what I m doing wrong but I had better luck in earlier versions. Any help and guidance is appreciated.
  6. Hello, is there any way to add chapter to my project? After editing my videos, I would like to add chapters so when played on my DVD player, I can simply skip to the next mark (chapter) that I have defined. Right now I forward on the DVD which is time consuming and not goods for the media. Thanks for any advice, Charlie
  7. Hello, I am looking for the easiest way to mix videos. I have 55 videos all lined up in the proper Sequence area. All I want to do is have the next video in sequence, start 5 seconds from the end of the previous video. I've tried dragging the next video up into the previous video and sometimes it works but it is very very clumsy to manually do this. I've played with Crossfade option but I don't beleive I am working with that correctly. Ideally, it would be nice to simply highlight the video I want, and manually configure an option that will havge it start 5 seconds from end of previous video.
  8. Hello, Maybe I am missing the obvious but how can I convert (or more precisely burn) my saved VP Project (with Transitions\Effects from one video to another) to a DVD as an MPEG-2 format\file so I can play the DVD in my DVD player? MPEG-2 is standard format for playing DVD's in any DVD player. Is there some level of encrpytion on these .vob files created by VP? Thanks,
  9. one other note on this issue; I went to another system that had Nero 9 on it and was able to succesfully burn a DVD using the same Disk that failed with VideoPad so I beleive I can rule out the actual disk. Looking for any thoughts from anyone. Maybe it's a CODEC issue? Something may be occurring where the format the video is saved to is not in a recognizable format? Help!
  10. I've been very happy with this software and have had some help getting the most use of it but have one last frustrating hurdle to clear. Here are the details: 1) I captured several videos from youtube as .flv files 2) I converted them to .avi files using another tool (Prism) 3) I added them to Videopad, edited the the transtion with a nice crossfade between videos. Everything great. 4) I then added Bookmarks and made Chapters. 5) I then selected 'Save Movie' and choose 'Disc' and 'Make DVD Movie' with video format of NTSC 6) The entire process appeared to complete succesfully. (ex
  11. Actually, I take that back. The 2nd process you outlined where I split the fitst 5 seconds (or so) of clip 2, unlink the soundtrack from the 5 second split, move to end of clip 1 and then delete the 5 second unlinked clip 2 segment is pretty quick as well and actually what I'd prefer. The only thing I am struggling with is how to smooth out the sound during the transition to the 5 second split of of clip 2 to the remaining sound portion of clip 2. This seems a little "choppy". I'm playing with some options how to smooth this out but welcome any thoughts you may have. Thanks again, Char
  12. Excellent detail Nat. Thanks very much!! I am burning a DVD of 50 music videos and want will use the crossfade approach and tweak it a bit. Both approaches work well. The 2nd approach does provide better results than VP's default crossfade function but woth 50 videos to edit, may take some time. Again, thanks for the excellent detail. Charlie
  13. Hello, What I am trying to do is essentially find an easy way to mix the audio track between 2 videos and have the videos remain un sync. As an example, I can add 2 clips to my sequence, take the audio from clip 2 and and move it to a postion that corresponds to 5 seconds before video 1 ends. I want video clip 1 to finish playing completley and ther last 5 seconds of audio from video clip 1 (along with the video) will be mixed in with the audio from the 1st 5 seconds of video clip 2. The problem is that I need to make sure that video clip 2 is in sequence will start and be in synch with th
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