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  1. Cheers for that MCGCS, i have had a plY with that. I only have a laptop and was just trying to avoid leaving it powered on. Hopefully NCH will come up with something in the future. John
  2. Hi mcgcs, Thanks for your positive sounding response! I take it there is no other option but to leave a computer on? Could i store the info in some kind of remote site or server? Or a cloud thingy? Many thanks
  3. Is there anyway I can access my accounts from my ipad and create quotes or invoices etc whilst n the move? If so, how? If not, time for NCH to join the modern world!
  4. I would love to be able to print my terms and conditions on the rear of my invoices and quotes etc. i keep suggesting it but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. I would also like to be able to print a delivery note before i create an invoice as in my mind that is what happens first.
  5. I also have had to go backwards to 4.10 due to the issue with the invoice and tax. What frustrates me is that nobody from NCH seems to respond to this, and also if these bugs exist for over 3 months, I seem to have to pay to upgrade my software again despite the fact that the bugs exsisted in the previous versions that I have paid for. I think this is completly out of order!
  6. In v4.11 the invoice appears on one page on the preview,but says Page 1 of 2 at the bottom. When it prints it is printed over 2 pages. Is this a bug or am I doing something daft?
  7. AJB


    I also need to be able to print / add a Terms & Conditions options to add to Orders, Delivery notes, Invoices etc. Has there been any news on if this will happen or not? Does anyone from NCH ever respond on here? Something else that would be very useful is when I create a purchase order and pay a bill to a supplier, that this enters into the journal and forms part of the accounts. At the moment I am having to do everything twice which seems silly! John
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