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  1. I believe I have the correct link now - <a href="http://www.nch.com.au/streaming/index.html">BroadWave Streaming Audio Server</a> by <a href="http://www.nch.com.au/index.html">NCH Swift Sound Software</a> Do I have to do anything else besides post this on my webpage?
  2. Hello, I have found the link before but I can't seem to remember where the link is located on the NCH website. Can anybody help me.
  3. Thanks, I actually tried that about an hour ago. I wanted to test it out just in case and it worked. I am streaming live in Wyoming and my family in Missouri was able to hear it about 5 seconds afterwards. They should tell you about that flaw when you get the program. I spent a day and a half trying to figure out what to do with my router and firewall trying to get it to work only to find out that it was working all along. I usually figure things out very quickly but this one took me forever.
  4. Please Help, I am trying to run live streaming on my computer. When I first tested Broadwave I was told that I needed to set up port forwarding on my router. I did this exactly how they told me to do it and then I also set up firewall to allow BroadWave. However, even with port forwarding set up and the firewall on my computer allowing the Broadwave port I still get the same fail message. It is pretty frustrating when I click help and it tells me to do exactly what I have already done. First question - should my local network ip be the same as my public network? Does anybody know what I can do next? It sounds like a lot of people have this problem. But I haven't found an answer that works yet. Thanks, p
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