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  1. Hi does anyone know how to process a refund on express accounts without having to delete the invoice and payment thanks James
  2. Hi all i have a strange problem i have some invoices set on a recurring schedule. When i run the invoices, the invoices create fine and they show up in the invoice list, but they dont show up in the report called (Unpaid Accounts Invoices) i have run this report today and its only showing unpaid invoices that i created as invoices, and it doesnt show the ones that was genereated via the Recurring Invoice option. Has anyone else had this problem, or know if there is a fix for it thanks James
  3. thanks Brad, thats greatm cheers jamie (uk)
  4. Hi i have entered some purchases/expenses in the apply purchase transaction option, and i want to know how i can view the entries. On my old accounting system, once i had entered all my business purchases such as stationary, utilities etc, i could print off a list at the end of each month and then staple the receipts to the report, i cant seem to view the expenses i am entering, does anyone know how to do this thanks
  5. Hi does anyone know of a way of doing discounts on an inovice, ie, 20%, 30% etc. At the minute i have to work it out on a calculator and adjust the price of the items on the invoice, but i would prefer to show it as a discount thanks James
  6. Hi i am new to express accounts, just starting to find my way around it and i just wanted to know what the receipts & deposits payments is to be used for, i enter invocies and when a customer pays i apply customers payment, and i record my business expenses under the purchases part. I am just unsure what i need to use the "receipts & deposits" section for, also i dont understand what the journal entries are to be used for, this might sound like a thick question but i cant find a manual on this software i would fully appreciate any help ir information anyone could give me thanks James
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