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  1. When I try to "send" a recording to a "file", I enter a local folder on the disk. I get an error message "invalid folder or drive". I've tried a usb stick (E:\), a local folder (C:\Temp), and a network drive. I get the same error message. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software and nothing solved the problem.


    I get the same error whether I go to complete the "optons =>send" or send it by each recording


    any suggestions? using V5.53

  2. I have downloaded Express Dictate to my computer (Winxp professional). I am able to record and hear the playback. I transferred it to my assistant who uses Express Scribe. When I play it back using Express Scribe the recording is very faint. I've used the iPhone app to record and I don't experience these problems. I purchased a separate microphone to plug into the microphone port on my pc.


    Any suggestions?




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