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  1. Yes, that sound very likely. Seems like I would need to be able to call the sendmail program directly, not via the main thunderbird exe. Problem is thats the only call method I could find in a quick glance, in the online-mozilla help. Thanks for responding!
  2. Sorry, I forgot to supply the command line: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe -compose attachment='"%filepath%"' As I said earlier, the mp3 file doesnt seem to be in the temporary folder. I can see the .dau files that constitute the message, but no trace of the corresponding mp3 file. /Jonas
  3. Currently on 5.23 Im trying to use a "custom comman-line" send method, consisting of a call to thunderbird email client (3.1.7). The call works well to begin with, the send mail form comes up nicely with the sound file attached. But when trying to send the mail I get error message: Cannot open temporary file C:\Users\jonas\AppData\Roaming\NCH Swift Sound\Express\Send\0-62 2011-01-31 100402.mp3 , Check your settings for "temporary folder". When I check that folder, thet mp3 file seem to be non-existent. Using windows vista sp2. What could be wrong here? When I initally set it up yesterday,
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