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  1. I need advice on making my videos widescreen for dvd and television use without it looking letterboxed. I have so far been using prism to convert my mp4 widescreen 1080p. HD files into .avi by selecting 1920 width and 1080 height 16:9 option output. it comes out letterboxed when i open it up in windows movie maker as well as videopad editor. when im done editing a clip i select again 16:9 1920x1080p options but again th eproduct is boxed in. I had a friend convert my video to dvd once and it was filling my screen- but when i use dvd flick and .img burner it always comes out letterboxed. with a
  2. Im using prism to convert my mp4 files to .avi using the 1920 width and 1080 height with widescreen 16:9 option yet when i view the file it comes up in my windows movie maker and the videopad editor showing boxed in on all sides even before i edit. After when i save the edited version i make sure the settings are again on 16:9 and at 1920x 1080 as well but my dvds come out letterboxed. im wondering if its prism that created the first problem as it looks letterboxed in its .avi final output state even before i edit using windows or videopad editor.
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