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  1. Hi everyone, I bought this Video Pad video editing yesterday and I tried adding a few clips, overlays, but then I was editing the last clip and decided to remove it and replace it with another clip... but the old clip will just not GO AWAY... when you play the movie it keeps playing the clip that I REMOVED!!! why does it do this?? I tried cleaning out the cache, restarting the computer and nothing!! it seems to be embedded into my project when I removed it from the timeline.... this really sucks. Oh, and when I add another video clip to the end you can hear the sound but over the "removed" video clip.... what is this!!! Any suggestions? or this just 'the way it is'? I am using .avi video files converted from an .MTS format that comes from my camera... even Windows movie maker works! Can't even get going with my first video.
  2. yeah thanks, I got it to work a few days ago already... regards
  3. How come I haven't gotten any help on this issue? is there anyone that can provide some feedback or help?
  4. Can I use my linux dedicated server to stream audio with Broadwave instead of using my personal computer? if so, how can I set this up? Thank you Regards
  5. is going crazy trying to figure out this port problem :-)

  6. Hi everyone, I have installed Broadwave Streaming Audio Server and have done (I think) everything correctly but it's not working from outside my network. I have viewed the help videos (which are really great) like 4 or 5 times each, but nothing. I have even viewed the specific instructions to my router WRT160N and nothing! I'm on my fourth hour and still can't get this to work. I love challenges but this one is beyond me, please help. I have disabled my Windows XP firewall, I have ESET antivirus and created a rule to allow Broadwave through and still nothing, I even tried disabling my antivirus all together. My IP is static. One thing that I can say, is that I have 29 IP addresses from Verizon, and I assigned one of those to my router, and then I guess my router assigns a static IP to each computer inside my network, does this have anything to do with it, and if it does, how can I solve it? Thank you in advance for your help, Regards
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