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  1. Hi, I have several .cda music files that I'd like to convert to MP3 to put together a soundtrack for a slideshow. Does anyone know how to do it? Switch won't work. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Yes, in fact I downloaded Switch last night. It looks like I'm getting the message "....copy-protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM)" and when I look under the properties->license it says protected. I guess I'll just have to try other songs. What about .cda music files....I get a codec error. Do I need to download the drivers you specified in the link? Thanks for all your help. I'm trying to put background music to a slide show.
  3. Hi, I recently downloaded Switch and am having problems converting wma or wav files to mp3. The files I'm trying to convert are either downloaded music files or ones I copied from a CD to my computer. What can I do? Any suggestions? Thanks!
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