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  1. Over the October 20-21, 2012 weekend I upgraded my WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition, v 4.52, to the latest version at the time, v. 5.29.


    Immediately, it appeared to me that the popup Record Control dialog (the full dialog, not the mini-dialog asking for format and channels) no longer appears in WavePad.


    I cannot find the full Record Control dialog as a Menu or Toolbar Option or a set of keystrokes.


    While I do see an option to prompt for format and channels in the Tools > Options > General tab, no option on that tab or the Recording or Audio tabs configure the Record Control dialog to appear.


    I have scoured the Internet for a similar upgrade problem and the forums, but have found not a whisper about this behavior.


    I was trying to find the Record Control dialog to verify my microphone selection, because, though v. 4.52 apparently has no problems selecting accurately among multiple microphones plugged into the computer, v. 5.29 Tools > Options > Recordings will appear to allow you to select a different microphone but seems always to use the recording source Defaulted for Windows (Version 7 in this instance). I had hoped to open the Record Control dialog to verify that my Tools > Options > Recording choice "stuck" - it was then I realized I could not find the Record Control full dialog anymore.


    Am I the only person experiencing these difficulties with v. 5.29? Am I big-league missing how to open the Record Control dialog? If it was removed from a version following 4.52, I wonder why I keep seeing notes about it in subsequent update lists and no note explaining that this dialog is gone for good? Using the Record Control dialog also still appears in the tutorials I've seen.

  2. I purchased, installed, and registered the BIAS SoundSoap 2 audio cleanup software recently.


    First, I created a reasonably noisy microphone recording. Then I applied SoundSoap artifact removal techniques successfully using the standalone version of SoundSoap 2.4 directly on a copy of the noisy file.


    I also then added SoundSoap as a VST plug-in to my sequencing editor, and it worked correctly there.


    Finally, I added the SoundSoap VST plug-in to WavePad and tried to edit the noisy file copy with WavePad and it's VST Plug-In interface.


    While the VST plug-in interface was open and I applied the Sound Soap 2 filters to the audio file, all seemed to go well. However, when I clicked "Apply Effect" within WavePad, I got the following bizarre error message ....:


    Trying to load a Zbuffer with too much data.

    Code-1. You should close the plugin and remove it from any inserts before trying to use it again.


    ... and I had to continuously click the error message button finally to close the error. I noticed then that, when I had refused to accept the errors, all content in the audio file had been deleted, so I closed the file without saving it.


    Has someone else tried to use the SoundSoap 2 VST plug-in with WavePad yet? Any Tips-'N-Hints? B)

  3. Hi there


    I think the problem is that your PC ip LAN address is and your Wimax thing is and which is a total different network altogether so thats why it probably dont work.


    Cheers Ian.S




    Thanks for the reply. At least you did so ... :)


    According to the Clear support person who helped me set it up, is a WiMax arbitrary address "alias" assigned to the LinkSys router for the purpose of passing all incoming port calls directly to the router to manage, so the WiMax modem can effectively "stay out of the way". I think the several WiMax configuration screens demonstrate that (or...10, I forget without looking), the router address, is the object of the assignment.


    Now, that this scheme somehow is not working properly is another matter. I did try backing off the router aliasing and forwarding port 88 from the WiMax directly to (the computer hosting Broadwave), and it seemed to make no difference, so I set things back as they were.


    For the record, I also temporarily completely disabled the WiMax modem firewall, too, counting on the LinkSys to keep things safe. That did not seem to work either.


    I'm mystified. I would really like to get Broadwave to work. I just invested in WavePad Master and some other NCH product, so I'd like to stay with a single vendor. Seems like it should be a much easier process to complete. However, I guess when you have to juggle 3-5 sets of configuration information (modem, router, computer, firewall, software), it requires a row/column (setting/device) approach to get everything right.


    If I ever DO get this sussed out, I'm NOT going to leave one of those classic quick-take, "Oh, OK, never mind. I figured it out," postings I keep seeing on various forums. I will lay out my settings in dreadfully complete detail, either in a post or in another online doc that can be linked and used and, hopefully, save as many headaches for others as I possibly can.



  4. I have downloaded Broadwave and can stream successfully over my local home/office network. However, as with so many others here, I cannot come in through my assigned IP address to access the stream. MY HARDWARE SETUP: I recently switched from Time-Warner cable to Clear Wireless home modem. The Clear modem connects by Ethernet cable to my LinkSys N Wireless Router (WRT150N). The computer I intend to use as my Broadwave server (assuming I can get it working) is connected to the router by an Ethernet RJ-45 cable. The intended server is a Windows XP/SP3 system with a Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz processor, 512 M of RAM, and currently about 10 Gig free space. MY SOFTWARE SETUP: I use the Windows Firewall and have AVG 2011 Free Version Anti-virus installed, though the AV has no firewall.


    I have attempted to follow ALL forum and other researched online instructions for getting BroadWave to "play nice" for external streaming. I could find some postings re: LinkSys WRT150N, but none specifically for the Clear WiMax Wireless Modem. However, I still get the message "Router configuration required ... " when I test after starting Broadwave.


    Here's the double-frustrating part: PF Port Checker tells me IT CAN CONNECT to port 88 through my external IP! However, I cannot connect to the stream using that same address and, as mentioned, BW continually reports that I need to configure the router. To the very, very best of my knowledge I have correctly configured the WRT150N according to the Port Forward instructions to which NCH refers BW installers.


    To save a bunch of "did you do this?", "did you do that?" questions, I tried to capture every relevant screenshot I could think of for the modem, router, and firewall. If you want to take a crack at this problem, you can view this screenshot collection at the following URL: http://www.webxceed.com/BroadwaveProblem_ExternalAccess.pdf


    My BW trial period's about to expire - I would like to either link the stream on a web page to continue using BW free or purchase the product, only I can't get BW to work to create the functional external link.


    Thanks for any help attempted, RS

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