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  1. I am trying to setup a repeated recording for a program that plays one a week. I am setting it up for a less than tech savvy person and I want it so that she can just start the software and have the schedule run. From my view of the software, I have to create a blank file to record, then I have to setup a repeating schedule. I have this and it seems to work. My question is that will the next recording override the data from the past week for create a new file like name_of_file(1).wav?
  2. It is possible that if you were to isolate one of these time reference sounds then you could use the noise reduction from sample tool to remove them.
  3. I have just purchased Wavepad Master Edition. I tried to launch the Sound Effect Library and I got a Connection Error message which told me to check my internet connection. I triple checked my internet connection and it still doesn't work. Does anyone know the direct link to the library so I can check if my school's filter is blocking it and if it isn't that what else could cause this problem and how to fix it. Thanks
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